CB-IR Competency Based Instrument Rating

The owner of an IR annotation through the CB-IR method brings exactly the same privileges as a fully traditional IR owner provided that this person is allowed to fly in all airspace classifications and make instrument approaches up to 200ft decision height. The principle of competence is applicable here in which the candidate will be judged based on competence instead of a syllabus and a fixed number of training hours. The minimum requirement is 40 hours of training in case of a single engine airplane. However, these hours may be reduced to a minimum of 10 hours if the candidate has logged relevant instrument flight hours. The number of hours trained as part of, as well as based on the privileges of the EIR apply to this reduction, too. The reduction is subject to a flight test.

The theory training and exams required for the CB-IR course are exactly the same as those for the EIR. In other words: there is no difference, one has to pass the EIR theory exams. There is no such thing as a CB-IR theory or something like that. A candidate who has already passed the complete set of theory exams for ATPL, traditional IR or EIR will be exempt of some of the theory requirements.

It is often thought that the CB-IR is a stand-alone rating with its own theory equivalent, that includes a course and exams. This is far beside the truth. It concerns an “experience and trainings course” which results in the IR annotation on the pilot license.

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