Evektor SportStar RTC Receives EASA approval for VFR night operations

Evektor´s training and pilot touring aircraft SportStar RTC received EASA approval for night operation today. This is great news for flight training organizations which can cover now both Day & Night training with SportStar RTC, reducing significantly costs for training courses compared to traditional training aircraft. SportStar RTC is popular among the European air clubs and professional pilot training organizations operating SportStar RTC for PPL and Night Rating training, CPL single engine training and Solo (PIC) Time Building.

Night VFR version of SportStar RTC is equipped with the certified Rotax 912S (100 hp),      3-blade ground adjustable propeller, Garmin G3X Touch Glass Cockpit with Dual 10.6” Screens, back-up ASI and ALT and night lighting package. SportStar RTC´s modern design, robust metal airframe, an excellent reliability proven in flight school operations, outstanding control harmonies, easy maintenance and low operating costs represent an excellent training platform for flight schools and air clubs.

The first Night VFR equipped SportStar RTC in Europe was delivered by Evektor to a professional pilot training academy Aviation Career Center in Slovenia early April 2019. Evektor-Aerotechnik has under production SportStar RTC with night equipment for other customers from the European and also non-European countries. In the USA the SportStar has been used for night operation and also IFR training since 2005.

Evektor is a design, engineering and aircraft manufacturing company from the Czech Republic, with almost 50 year of aircraft manufacturing experience and sales network in 40 countries worldwide. Evektor produces light sport aircraft and has under development utility twin engine turboprop EV-55 Outback for transportation of 9 to 14 passengers. The company is supplier of machined parts for OEMs and has extensive development activities in automotive and mechanical engineering industry.

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Evektor SportStar RTC Receives EASA approval for VFR night operations 1